If you can dream it, you can write it.

Oh god, now I’m totally mixed up about the order I should place my words in a sentence.

I read a blog the other day about word placement in a sentence. Apparently the British folks, the true brits that is, say we, Americans and all that, place our nouns, adjectives, and such, in the wrong order in a sentence as opposed to the order in which they place their words in a sentence.

I said “to hell with it” to my self and decided to never think of it again.

But now, right at this moment I can’t help but think about that blog again because I want to tell you about a dream I had and I’m worried my words won’t be in the right order.

I looked everywhere for that blog and couldn’t find it.

If you see it let me know.

That being said.

Generally my words have a hard enough time keeping themselves in my mouth at the worst time and out of my mouth at the best time. So I decided I’d write shit the way it moves around in my brain and let my spirit animal guide the order of my words instead of the brits.

Speaking of Sloths, my spirit animal, and the only human non-person thing I can follow, because we move at the same pace.

I literally had a spirit animal dream. I’m still not sure what part he played in the dream but he looked at me, and I him, that was all.

Now for the dream……

I was in a crystal clear pond about to get my swim on. My friends were not in the water yet, just me.

Basically I was wading around in the water waiting for my friends to get in when I looked back towards the shore where they were standing.

Suddenly I spied an alligator lying at the bottom of the pond.

I yelled “alligator!” To warn my friends when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spied Slothy, my spirit animal. Slothy was slowly crawling up the embankment to get out of the water when he stopped to look back at me. I stood there looking back at him in fascinated delight to see him.

Slothy, is not just my spirit animal he is my human, not a person, muse. He’s really just my stuffed Sloth that I love.

After me and Slothy made eye contact I looked back over at my friends, and before my friend could move, and after I yelled alligator, the alligator jumped out of the water and bit my friends head and held it captive in his mouth until I was able to get over to her and whoop the gators ass into a pair of shoes and a belt.

Okay, that didn’t really happen, it was a pair of shoes and a purse, not a belt.

So, I got my friends head free from the jaws of death and the gator turned and came after me.

Somehow I managed to wrangle that gator like a boss and I walked around with him by his mouth as if he were my trophy.

I think the moral of my dream was this.

Next time make luggage out of the gator instead of shoes and a belt, then, take yourself on a trip, you deserve it for saving your friend.

And finally, if you’re going to make eye contact with Slothy be prepared to write something, anything.

So I did.

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